Auxiliary Packaging Machinery
  • Bottle Unscrambler

    It unscrambles the plastic bottles,transfer to conveyor in order with certain direction and feed them into other equipments such as washing machine,or filling machine.It decrease labour intensity and improve productivity effect,also avoid second pollution caused by hand touching the bottles for loading bottle.

  • Capping Machine

    We supply defferent type of capping machines,which are applicable for various plastic caps,aluminum screw caps,ultrahigh aluminum caps,scown caps,sport caps,corks and other special caps.

  • Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapper Machine

    PE film shrink wrapper machine specially designed and manufactured for the high speed packing requirement for drinks,such as pure water,beverage,fruit juice,milk product.During the product forward conveying process,it can form group packages automatically,so as to save the time and improve packing effectiveness.High level machine adopts touch screen operating panel,friendly interface,easy to adjust the parameter,convenient for the exchange and operate betweem hunman and machine.It is the best option during the middle speed film shrink packing machine in doemestic industry.

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