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What’s the feature of pure water production line?

After we drink pure water is now a few steps, although a bucket or a small bottle of water, but in the process of production can be big!

The main feature of pure water production line is as follows:

Pure water production line

1, pure water production line imported using reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate not only service life is long, high and low operating costs.
2, pure water production line also have on-line water quality monitoring control, real-time monitoring of water quality change, ensure the safety of the water quality, can get rid of chlorinated organic compounds and other poisonous and harmful substances, microbial indicators to zero, can also extend the shelf life of the mineral water;
3, the use of automatic pretreatment system, realizes the unmanned, electrical automatic control program, also optional touch screen operation, easy to use
4, suitable for the local water personalized design, meet the demand. And removal of toxic or harmful ?

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