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Thick Sauce Filling Machine

Thick Sauce Filling Machine Description:

The thick sauce filling machine is a fully automatic rotary high-viscosity quantitative filling and capping machine. The thick sauce filling machine adopts a rotating structure: the bottom conveying of the bottle, the quantitative filling of the electromagnetic flowmeter; the gripping of the pneumatic manipulator, the screwing of the high torque.

Thick Sauce Filling Machine

The thick sauce filling equipment is suitable for the production of various beverages, high viscosity products (such as daily chemicals) and other non-gas containing fluid PET or HDPE bottles. The thick sauce filling equipment manufactured by Suzhou Chenyu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has multi-functionality; and the structure design of thick liquid filling equipment is reasonable; which ensures the quality and production efficiency of thick liquid filling machine, and is suitable for various kinds. The bottle-shaped filling production meets the capacity demand of domestic thick liquid manufacturers.


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