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Thick Liquid Filling Equipment

Thick Liquid Filling Equipment

Thick liquid filling equipment is the fully automatic rotary volumetric filling-capping monobloc. The thick liquid filling machine applies rotary structure: bottle bottom support conveying,electromagnetic floemeter volumetric filling,pneumatic manipulator for cap chucking etc. The thick liquid filling machine can be for various PET bottle, HDPE bottle and glass bottles, which mainly used for daily chemical products and high high viscosity liquid.

Thick Liquid Filling Equipment

Germany Siemens PLC and touch screen control make it have intelligent protection function. The vacuum anti-drip device ensures no leakage during the production process. The thick liquid filling line adopts the electrical adjustment of volume system, frequency conversion speed regulation and photoelectric detection system. The thick liquid filling machine is a fully automatic piston filling machine, which uses the up and down movement of the cylinder to simultaneously drive the piston in the corresponding material cylinder to reciprocate, thereby generating a negative pressure in the front cavity of the material cylinder, and The signal valve controls the stroke of the cylinder to adjust the filling volume for precise filling.

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