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Technical features of drinking water filling machine

Technical features of drinking water filling machine
1、Drinking water filling machine using wind conveyor and into the bottle toggle direct connection technology, canceled the bottle into the screw and conveyor chain, change the bottle shape is simple and easy.
2、Adopt neck handling technology to convey bottles. There is no need to adjust the height of equipment and only need to change some spare parts.
3、High speed filling line adopts bottle gripper conveying technology. Bottle type change is more free, The internal work surface of the unit is more concise.

water filling machine

water filling machine

4、Three-in-one unit to complete a bottle inside, filling, capping three processes, bottle wear small, accurate and smooth transmission, bottle-type replacement convenient.
5、Special design of the whole stainless steel bottle bottle folder sturdy and durable, do not touch the bottle thread parts, to avoid secondary pollution bottle.
6、High-speed large flow of gravity filling valve, filling speed, liquid level without liquid loss.
7、Contact with the liquid parts of all high-quality stainless steel or food-grade engineering plastics, electrical systems, most of the selection of imported components, in line with national food hygiene standards.
8、Out of the bottle dial wheel bottom pallet with a spiral drop way, change the bottle shape without adjusting the bottle conveyor chain height.

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