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Tea Drink Filling Line

Tea Drink Filling Line

This tea drink filling line is suitable for washing, filling and sealing PET bottled juice and tea beverages. This tea drink filling machine can form a complete production line with labeling machine, film wrapping machine and cartoning machine.

Tea Drink Filling Line

Tea Drink Filling Machine Features

1. The tea drink filling machine is suitable for the production of non-gas beverages such as plastic bottled juice, tea beverage, milk beverage, etc.

2. The output is 2500-22000 (500ml) bottles/hour.

3. Using hot filling, the filling temperature is greater than 85℃.

Tea Drink Filling Line

4. In the case of changing bottle accessories, the flushing, filling and sealing can be applied to bottles of various specifications and sizes.

5. All use high quality stainless steel 304 material.

6. The tea drink filling machine PLC and frequency converter adopt famous brands, such as Mitsubishi of Japan and Siemens of Germany.

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