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Sparkling Water Filling Equipment

Sparkling Water Filling Equipment

Sparkling water filling equipment is mainly used for the filling and production of PET bottled carbonated beverages. The functions of washing, filling and capping are realized on the integrated machine. The design of the sparkling water filling machine is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and easy to maintain. The bottle-feeding screw and bottle-dividing mechanism is adopted, which is more stable and reliable, and it is more convenient, fast and labor-saving to change the bottle type.

Sparkling Water Filling Equipment

Sparkling Water Filling Machine Features

1. Filling system: The filling system includes a filling valve (exhaust valve), a filling cylinder, a liquid level control device, a cylinder for lifting the filling valve, and a height adjustment device for the filling cylinder.

2. Transmission system: The power of  the sparkling water filling machine comes from the capping machine. After the speed ratio is changed by the first-stage sprocket transmission, it is transmitted to the reducer, the gear on the output shaft of the reducer, and drives the filling cylinder and related parts.

3. Tank conveying system: the tank feeding conveyor belt of this sparkling water filling equipment is equipped by itself, and the tank discharging conveyor belt is matched by the capping machine. The tank conveying system includes tank feeding screw, tank stop device, tank feeding star wheel and various baffle parts. .

4. Pipeline control system: including liquid distributor, gas distributor, gas control cabinet and liquid inlet and CIP pipelines.

5. Control system: The system is installed on the peripheral bracket of the filling machine, and various devices that control the opening of the filling valve.

6. Frame and protective door (cover): The frame is used to support and install the transmission system and other components. There is a protective cover around the machine.

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