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Soy Sauce Filling Machine

Soy Sauce Filling Machine Description:

This soy sauce filling machine mainly used for soy sauce, vinegar, sauce, condiment etc. The soy sauce filling equipment can customize bottles of different shapes and sizes.

Soy Sauce Filling Machine

Soy Sauce Filling Machine Features:

The condiment filling machine are driven by servo motor, more accuracy and more stable than cylinder driven, easy to adjust.

Adopting Imported electrical control parts, the performance is stable.

Soy Sauce Filling Machine

The parts contacted with material are made of B16L stainless steel.

Equiped with count function.G. Adopting anti-drip and anti-drawing’s filling head, lifting systemto avoid foaming, bottle positioning system and liquid level control system.

Chenyu Machinery is a professional manufacturer of condiment filling machinery in China, with quality assurance and support for customization. Provide pre-sales whole plant planning drawings and after-sales installation and commissioning.

Soy Sauce Filling Machine Video:

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