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Soft Drink Bottling Equipment

Soft Drink Bottling Equipment

The soft drink bottling equipment is suitable for the plastic bottle and glass bottled gas-containing beverage production line. The low-temperature isobaric filling of the material ensures that the gas content is stable and the taste of the material does not change during the filling process. The soft drink bottling machine adopts sanitary SUS304 stainless steel material, which has the advantages of convenient operation and easy maintenance. The output range is 2000-24000 bottles/hour, and the soft drink bottling line has strong compatibility. It can adapt to various bottle shapes by replacing a few parts.

Soft Drink Bottling Equipment

Using programmable controller as the central control, using pressure transmitter, electromagnetic chaos pneumatic servo to measure the liquid level, to maintain the balance of the filling pressure to ensure the stability of the liquid level.

Soft Drink Bottling Equipment

A new filling valve designed for plastic bottles. The return air is isolated from the liquid in the filling tank to ensure the cleanliness of the filling material

This soft drink bottling machine adopts advanced magnetic clutch type cap screwing head, adjustable torque, safe and reliable cap screwing.

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