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Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Carbonated beverage production line

Small carbonated beverage production line for products: cola, soda, steamed soda, etc.

Carbonated Beverage Production Line

The main components of the small carbonated beverage production line:

The small carbonated beverage production line consists of a bottle washing-filling-capping machine, a main motor and a transmission system, a bottle conveying fine, a capping device and an electrical control system.

Carbonated Beverage Production Line

The turning mechanism of the bottle washing machine include:

Water dividing plate, washing bottle holder, upper turntable, guide rail, protective cover, water spraying device and water receiving tray.

Carbonated Beverage Production Line

The turning mechanism of the filling machine include:

A filling barrel, a filling valve, a guide rail, a lifting device, a card lifting device and the like.

The turning mechanism of the capping machine include:

Three parts: a capper, a capping guide and a capping machine.

The carbonated beverage production line can be disassembled into three modules, and the height of the bottle conveyor chain is adjustable; the bottle passes through the air duct, and the bottle wheel head is successively sent to the bottle washing machine, the filling machine, the capping machine, and the bottle is better. The conveyor chain is sent out. In the whole process, there are multiple protection alarm devices such as bottle, bottle, cover and overload. The performance is reliable, the process is scientific, the food hygiene conditions meet the national food hygiene standards, the production automation is high, and the operation is simple.

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