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Several Types of Filling Machines

Several Types of Filling Machines

The filling equipment can be divided into constant pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine,vacuum filling according to the filling principle machine.

1. Constant pressure filling machine is to rely on liquid self-loading filling under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: regular filling and fixed capacity filling. It is only suitable for filling liquids with low viscosity and no gas such as water filler, juice filler, milk filler and wine filler.

Several Types of Filling Machines

2. Pressure filling machine is to be filled under higher than the atmospheric pressure, can also be divided into two types: one is the pressure in the tank and the pressure in the bottle equal, by the liquid self-weight into the bottle filling, called isopressure filling; The other is that the pressure in the tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference. This method is often used in high-speed production lines. The pressure filling machine is suitable for liquid filling containing gas, such as beer filler, soda filler, champagne filler, etc.

3. Vacuum filling machine is to fill the bottle under pressure lower than the atmospheric pressure. This kind of filling machine has a simple structure and high efficiency. It can adapt to the viscosity of the material in a wide range, such as oil filler, syrup filler, and fruit wine filler.

4. Plug type filling machine is widely applicable to food, daily chemical, grease and other special industries, can fill a variety of liquids, paste products, such as disinfectant, hand sanitizer,toothpaste, ointment, various cosmetics and other items.

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