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Rotate type blow molding machine
Product description

Rotate type

Suitable: Water, CSD, Juice, Alcohol, Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Cosmetics

Speed: 18000BPH – 36000BPH

Product Description

Absorbing advantages of domestic leading bottle-blowing technology, we’ve developed Rotate Type Automatic Blowing Machine. The whole machine is very steady and secure with perfect design, precise structure and international upmarket electrical, pneumatic controlling system. All the processes, including feeding preform, trimming preform, sending preform, heating, transmitting, stretching, blowing, shaping, delivering bottles, are all controlled by computer automatically without manual, high robotization and high efficiency, low cost and small occupation, yield up to 99.9%,especially available to be connected with filling line, with products sanitary, low wastage. This series machines are fit to produce purified water bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, CSD bottles, hot filling bottles, edible oil bottles, and PP pharmaceutical bottles, and thus they’ve become the first choice of the noted water and beverage packaging enterprises at home and abroad.

Rotate type blow molding machine

Rotate type blow molding machine

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