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RO Water Treatment Equipment

RO Water Treatment Equipment:

RO-reverse osmosis pretreatment mainly for activated carbon and fine filtration. Penetration is a natural phenomenon: Water through a semipermeable membrane. From the side of low solute concentration to high solute concentration side. Until the solvent chemical potential equilibrium. At equilibrium, the pressure difference across the membrane is equal to the osmotic pressure. This is the osmotic effect (Osmosis) phenomenon. Reverse osmosis means that if the pressure in the high concentration side. Would be able to stop the penetration and effect of the above-mentioned inverted so that water forced into the low concentration side from the high concentration,water purification. This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis (RO), semipermeable membranes known as a reverse osmosis membrane.

RO Water Treatment Equipment

RO water treatment equipment filter out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, minerals and heterochromatic odor, is a pure water, no heat and serve. That it filters out the cost of water is very low. Production of high quality water, health indicators over.

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is the use of advanced reverse osmosis desalination technology to prepare deionized water preparation technology is a purely physical process. Reverse osmosis water unit has a long-term uninterrupted work,high degree of automation. Easy operation and long-term water quality stable, non-pollutant emissions, preparation pure low cost, etc. RO membrane technology in the field of domestic pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, chemicals, power plants, sewage treatment and other fields has been widely used.

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