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Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Machine

Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Machine

Pure water reverse osmosis machine is the equipment that produces pure water. Do you know how to maintain pure water beverage equipment?

1. The operator strictly follows the operating procedure to open and close the equipment.\

2. The operator should do more than 3 rounds of inspections a day to ensure that the equipment is operating normally.

Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Equipment

3. Operators and maintenance personnel should always pay attention to keeping the equipment tidy and eliminate dripping and leakage problems in time. Those who cannot be eliminated temporarily should make a record and mark the location.

4. All water pipes and joints should be checked regularly for damage and looseness, and take care to prevent freezing.

5. Regularly check the operation of the Pure water reverse osmosis machine water pump and high-pressure pump, if any problems are found, stop the equipment in time and report and contact maintenance personnel.

6. ​​Clean the filter regularly and replace the PP cotton in the security filter to meet the treatment standard of pure water.

7. Stop the machine immediately if abnormal equipment is found and report it in time. Record the irreparable faults carefully and give them to professional personnel for maintenance.

8. Always check whether the electrical control box connector is loose, and use your right hand to check to ensure electrical safety.

Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Machine

Chenyu Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional beverage filling machinery manufacturer engaged in food and beverage machinery and pure water treatment equipment.

After years of experience, Chenyu Beverage Machinery has developed subsequent beverage packaging machinery on the basis of the original filling machinery manufacturing: automatic dynamic palletizer, drop palletizer, automatic cartoning machine, sleeve labeling machine, etc. Secondary packaging equipment.

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