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Pure water purification system (RO)
Product description

Filter type: reverse osmosis system
Membrane: DOW or Hydranautics
Capacity: 1000 – 80000 L/H

Product Description
Brief Introdction:
The system uses the present most advanced RO reverse osmosis purified water craft to take in water production is generally less than 5us/cm conductivity . Producing sterile water, no particle, Gan pure.
The water treatment system can be used RO membranes, the desalination rate of up to 98% and the recovery up to 50-75%, and the formation of unique technical style. The entire system through a number of pure water manufacturers verified bacteria in water, toxic heavy metals, radionuclides, organic micro-pollutants removal were as high as 99.99%, 95%, 99%, and 95%, water and sweet and delicious. Eradication of the source water toxic and hazardous substances, a number of toxicological indicators, such as trihalomethanes, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, phenols, and lead, mercury, beryllium, chromium, cadmium, uranium, thallium, and other radionuclides in the detection limit are the following.
Range of use:
Food and beverage filler industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical Processing industry, Chrome plating industry, Water treatment industry etc.
Our capacity:200~100000LPH
Adopting SS304 material with opening design, clear process and convenient maintenance, optional with ozone generator and blender, water tank.
High quality ics RO membrane treatment crafts with very low pressure and the capacity of desalinization ration comes to 98% at least.
Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality.
Multi medium beforehand filter increases the capacity of water treatment.
Adopts high efficiency active carbon filters which can wipe chlorine of raw water, protect RO membrane and adjust the taste.
Safe and reliable electrical system design—equipment auto stop protection when open circuit、short circuit and leakage.
Intelligent circuit design –equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water.
RO membranes auto wash and manual wash, which can protect RO membrane easily. fully automatic back wash functions With monitoring devices, UV filters and the Ozone generator
Pure water purification system (RO)

Pure water purification system (RO)

Pure water purification system (RO)

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