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PET bottle blow molding machine for the manufacture of PET bottles as raw carbonated drinks, water bottles, juice bottles, cosmetic bottles and so on. This machine adopts man-machine interface to control all working procedures automatic embryo, automatic blower, automatic out of the bottle, the air cylinder fully installed magnetic sensor switch connected PLC controlling the entire program to detect each movement of the cylinder, place the next action tooling stroke , the trip is not in place under the protection of an automatic action is not working, the alarm, PLC display fault location.
Machine movement speed, accurate positioning, smooth operation. Depending on the model required, using double crank to increase cross clamping, clamping power. Clamping stroke according to product size can be adjusted to reduce the mold open time. Far-infrared heating tube, penetrating power, rotation and revolution preform is heated evenly, PLC or electronic regulator individually controlled heating temperature in each group. Has a unique design of the oven when heated preform closely spaced, blowing bottle spacing is transformed by size, shortening the drying tunnel and reduce energy consumption.

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