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Palletizing Machine

Palletizing Machine Description:

The palletizing machine is to put the cartons that have been loaded into the container on the pallet according to a certain arrangement code, and carry out automatic stacking, stacking multiple layers, and then pushing out, so that the forklift truck can be transported to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC + touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. Can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity. Designed with high speed, smooth and space saving concept. With separate stripping, it is faster and more space-saving. A multi-purpose machine, quick adjustment, no need to worry about replacing stacked products. Scope of application: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag-shaped packaging.

Palletizing Machine

Palletizing Machine Technical Parameters:
Item Specification
Model TPR-200
Controlled axis 4 axes (A,B,C,D)
Installation Floor mount
Motion Range A(right, lest) 330o
B(up, down) 2000mm
C(front, back) 1300mm
D(tongs) 350o
Max load capacity 200kg
Handing capacity Max 1000 times/H
Drive method Electric servo drive by AC servo motor
Repeatability ± 0.5mm
Tongs Power source Compressed air
Air pressure 0.5Mpa
Air consumption 280NL/min
Power 6.5KW
Weight 1100kg
Palletizing Machine Video:

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