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Opening and Sealing Machine

Opening and Sealing Machine Description:

The opening and sealing machine is a servo drive system, numerical control positioning, signal detection mechanism, programmable centralized control (PLC), and the slave interface parameter adjustment automatically loads the unpackaged product or small package product into the automatic setting of the corrugated box. The working principle of the opening and sealing machine is divided into products according to the specifications through the conveying system. The carton is formed, the product is put into the box, the carton is folded, and the box sealing is effectively reduced to reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve the packaging efficiency. The box machine, the packing machine and the sealing machine are integrated.

Opening and Sealing Machine

Open and Seal Machine Application Range:

1. Bottled water production enterprises;
2. Bottled beverage products;
3. Bottled wine products;
4. Japanese goods products;
5. Use boxed products.

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