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Olive Oil Filling Equipment

Olive Oil Filling Equipment Working Principle:

The olive oil filling equipment adopts the plunger type filling machine to measure the weight more accurately and the production cost is lower.

Olive Oil Filling Equipment

Olive Oil Filling Equipment Features:

1. Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.

2. PLC computer control system, running more stable, can adjust any parameters without stopping.

3. The olive oil filling machine can store ten sets of parameters and the replacement variety is more accurate.4. The servo motor is used for pulling and the positioning is more accurate.

5. Independent temperature control system with an accuracy of ±1 °C.

Olive Oil Filling Equipment

6. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperatures are independently controlled, and can be applied to various packaging materials such as composite membranes and PE membranes.

7. Variety of packaging styles, back seals, gussets, pockets, punching, etc.

8. The olive oil filling machine produces bags, seals, packaging, and print dates in one time.

9. The working environment is clean and the noise is small.

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