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Milk Beverage Filling Machine

Milk Beverage Filling Machine Introduction:

The milk beverage filling machine is a hot filling production line for milk drinks. Three-in-one, four-in-one hot filling machine series, the output of 5000-36000 bottles / hour for beverage manufacturers to choose.

Milk Beverage Filling Machine

Milk Beverage Filling Machine Features:

Bottle washing machine: The milk filling machine is made of stainless steel water pump, high pressure nozzle and electrical box, and is sprayed with high pressure backwash.
Filling machine: The rotating discs are all made of stainless steel SUS304. The filling method is gravity filling. The structure of the filling valve is reasonable and the filling volume is accurate.

Milk Beverage Filling Machine
Sealing machine for filling machine: The capping machine is a single machine with high precision in the three-in-one machine. It has great influence on the reliability of equipment operation and the defective rate of the product. It has a capping machine to detect the switch. The lock cylinder of the joint between the cover rail and the dial cover controls the discharge of the bottle cap to ensure that the cover is stopped when there is no bottle, and the loss of the user cover is reduced.

Milk Beverage Filling Machine

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