Melt Blown Fabric Machine
and Production Line
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Melt Blown Fabric Machine
and Production Line
The melt blown making machine uses polypropylene fiber as the main raw material, supplemented by color masterbatch and additives such as anti-oxidation, static electret and flame retardant, the products are widely used in the production of melt-blown nonwovens with different functions.
The material has microfiber unique capillary structure, increases the number and surface area of fiber per unit area, so that the melt spray cloth has good filtering, shielding, insulation and oil absorption.
Melt Blown Fabric Production Equipment
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Suitable for the production of various widths
Technical Parameter
Flow Rate: 32L/Min Air Pressure Drop: 25Pa
Filtration Rate  
0.3um(PEE) ≥95%
0.5um ≥97%
1.0um ≥98%
2.5um(BFE) ≥99%
5.0um ≥99
10.0um ≥99%
Melt Blown Fabric
Production Machine
Polypropylene fiber material through the feeding machine into a single screw extruder to squeeze out the polymer melt, through high-speed hot air or other means, the polymer by extreme stretch and form very fine short fiber, agglomerate on the porous formation of fiber network, and through its own bonding and strengthening to form non-woven fabric, finally produce melt spray cloth.
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