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Matters Needing Attention in the Operation of Beverage Filling Machine

Matters needing attention in the operation of beverage filling machine

1. Beverage filling equipment in the course of operation should pay attention to whether the equipment has made abnormal sounds, if necessary to repair, find out the cause and remove the fault.

2. Beverage filling machine is strictly prohibited from standing on the equipment.

3. Check whether the ultraviolet lamp of cover disinfection is opened, whether the cover of cover storehouse is ozone added, whether the pure water pump of cover disinfection has normal supply of water.

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4. If the filling valve of the beverage filling machine leaks, there are two situations; one is that the filling valve is opened and not reset; the other is that the sealing ring of the filling valve is not sealed properly, it can be removed to check and replace its sealing ring.

5. If there are high caps and crooked caps, there are several cases. First, the cooperation of the cap and the bottle is problematic, may be one of the problems. Second, the screw cap head torque is not enough, if you can use your hand to screw it well, then find out the screw cap head will increase its torque until it reaches the requirements. Third, there are problems on the bottle, mainly in the star wheel over. At the same time, it is possible to keep the bottle block loose and must be reset.

6. If the bottle is clipped off, there are the following situations. First, there is a problem with the bottle on the mouth of the bottle. Second, the spring of the bottle clip has lost its elasticity, and can not be clipped, it can be replaced.

7. If the torque of the cap head can not be adjusted all the time, replace the magnet, check the spring inside again, and replace it if the elasticity is not enough.

8. If the cover is always blocked at the small star wheel of the cover slot, the position of the star wheel must be adjusted until it is smooth.

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