Complete Juice Filling
Production Line

Chenyu Machinery offers total solutions of juice drinks for you. Fill a variety of bottle types, including PET bottle juice, glass bottle juice, can juice.

Juice Filling Production Line

①Water Treatment System → ②Juice Processing System → ③Automatic Bottle Unscramble → ④Air Conveyor → ⑤Juice Filling Machine → ⑥Flat Conveyor → ⑦Bottle Cooling System → ⑧Labeling Machine → ⑨Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine → ⑩Automatic Robot Palletizing Machine

Juice Beverage Filling Production Process

Juice Filling Machine

Suitable for filling orange juice, mango juice, blueberry juice, strawberry juice, kiwi juice, apple juice, pear juice, pineapple juice, etc.

Auxiliary Equipment

Juice Pre-Processing System
Juice Pre-Processing System


Juice Filling
Production Line Video

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