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Juice Beverage Bottling Equipment

Juice Beverage Bottling Equipment

The juice beverage bottling equipment is suitable for fruit juice, vegetable juice ,tea drink production line, such as filling material for high temperature to ensure that the material is no change in the filling process. The juice bottling machine adopts the health level of SUS304 stainless steel materials, Japan’s mitsubishi PLC control, Taiwan nylon touch screen, is convenient to operate, the advantages of easy to maintain, yield range 2500-22000 bottles/when the whole line compatibility is strong, can adapt to all kinds of bottle shape just change a few parts.

Juice Beverage Bottling Equipment

Juice Beverage Bottling Equipment Technical Characters:

1. Full filling is to avoid bottles from sinking after the bottles cooling off, and to decrease dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent.
2. Reasonable structured storage hopper an material supply system keep material in the constant flow speed, constant pressure and without frothing. Usually high position tank is adopted.
3. The storage hopper has the characteristic of gas discharge, full sealing and temperature detecting, in moderate and high speed production line, the material distributor replaces the big liquid tank to realize the complete CIP.
4. Sanitary filling head system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed.
5. Prefect filling temperature control system.
6. Return tank system have the function of supplying the material automatically.
7. Perfect CIP system.

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