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Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine

Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine Description:

The hot melt adhesive labeling machine of Chenyu Packaging Machinery is suitable for the pasting of continuous labeling. The hot melt adhesive labeling machine adopts partial coating method, with low rubber consumption and low operating cost. The production capacity can reach up to 30,000 bottles per hour. The labeling machine is a labeling machine that can be used for full circumference labeling. Widely used in various fields.

Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine
Hot-melt adhesive labeling machine is suitable for round, square, multi-edge cans, etc. for full-circle labeling. It can also be labelled for dissatisfaction with the whole week or the whole body.

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine is widely used in the labeling of food and beverage, pesticide and chemical industry, paint and coating, medicine and health care industries. The hot-melt adhesive labeling machine has a complete cutting pattern and no deformation. It is always mesh-coated. Compared with foreign full-spraying equipment, it saves 50% of hot melt, and the upper and lower mouth labels are not shrinking. The overall labeling surface is smooth, the lap joint is free of misalignment, no leaking paste, no open glue.

Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine
Good safety performance: The new sleeve labeling machine fully embodies the design concept of human-machine harmony in the design process. During the operation and production process of the equipment, always under a unique design protection system. If human beings bring safety hazards due to improper operation, The safety system is automatically detected and immediately stopped, and must be restored and passed the test approval to continue.

Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine Video:

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