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Homogenizing and deaeration system

For turbid drinks, it is necessary to break the fibers and particles through homogeneous operation of high pressure, so that they are distributed evenly and finely, improving the physical characterization of the beverage product and improving its taste. The nature of the homogenizer is a plunger pump, the liquid product flows at a very high speed through the narrow gap between the valve seat and the spool, in the shear effect, the impact of the high-speed jet, the instantaneous pressure drop formed by the hole effect Under the triple effect, the material to achieve ultra-fine grinding, the formation of liquid – solid dispersion.

Homogenizing and deaeration system

Homogenizing and deaeration system

The homogenization pressure of the juice can be used 25-40 MPa, matching the domestic first-class brand of homogeneous machine supporting the use. The purpose of degassing is to avoid oxidation, but may also remove volatile substances at the same time, The solution to this approach is to add a set of aroma recovery devices. So the homogenization and degassing of these two operations should be carried out after the appropriate heating, and UHT often used in series, that is, after the UHT preheat section.

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