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Glass Bottle Beer Production Line

Glass Bottle Beer Production Line

The glass bottle beer production line adopts a liquid cylinder type feeding structure, and the filling valve adopts a high-speed filling valve, which is accurate and accurate.

The capping adopts the capping technology introduced from France.

Glass Bottle Beer Production Line

The beer filling machine PLC and frequency converter adopt famous brands, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.

Filling part: The filling part mainly uses the isobaric south light valve for filling. The south light valve is characterized by high filling accuracy. The filling liquid tank can be filled with stainless steel 304 or 316 according to customer needs.

Capping part: The gland head uses Xinmeixing gland head, the sealing accuracy is high, the outside of the cam is wrapped with stainless steel 304, and there is a small window in the package to add lubricating oil.

The filling part and the sealing part are equipped with automatic capping devices. The rear part of the filling part and the capping device contain photoelectric detection devices and photoelectric receiving devices respectively. The conveying part uses gear-type push bottle conveying to facilitate bottle control Filling and sealing.

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