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Fruit Juice Making Machine

Fruit Juice Making Machine Description:

Fruit juice making machine is suitable for PET bottled juice drinks, tea drinks and milk drinks. At the same time, Chenyu Machinery provide customers with water treatment systems, pre-treatment deployment systems, UHT sterilization systems, bottle blowing machines, sleeve labeling machines, inkjet printers, film wrapping machines, labeling machines, carton packaging machines, etc., as well as a complete fruit juice production line solutions.

Fruit Juice Making Machine

Fruit Juice Making Machine Video:

More complete fruit juice making machine HD video from YouTube

Fruit Juice Making Machine Detail:
  • Fruit Juice Making Machine
    Washing Part:

    The bottle is conveyed to the juice making machine by the bottle air conveying system through the bottle dial star wheel. The rotary plate of the bottle washing machine is equipped with a bottle clamp, and the bottle clamp clamps the bottle mouth and turns 180° along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In a specific area of the bottle washing machine, the nozzle sprays bottle washing disinfectant or water to rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is rinsed and drained, the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamp and then turned over 180° along the guide rail, so that the bottle mouth is upward.

  • Fruit Juice Making Machine
    Filling Part:

    The washed bottles are exported from the bottle washing machine through the bottle star wheel and sent to the juice filling equipment. The bottle that enters the juice filling machine is held by the bottleneck pallet stuck to the mouth of the bottle. The filling valve is lowered and raised through the valve lifting mechanism under the action of the cam.
    After the filling valve descends to contact the bottle mouth, opens to complete the filling process. After filling, the filling valve rises to leave the bottle mouth, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the bottleneck transition dial.

  • Fruit Juice Making Machine
    Capping Part:

    The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine jams the neck of the bottle, keep the bottle upright and avoid rotation. The finished bottles are conveyed from the capping machine to the bottle conveying chain through the bottle discharging dial wheel; and the juice filling machine is conveyed by the conveying chain.

Fruit Juice Making Machine Technical Parameter:
Model RCGF 8-8-4 RCGF 14-12-5 RCGF 16-16-5 RCGF 20-20-6 RCGF 24-24-8 RCGF 32-32-10 RCGF 40-40-12 RCGF 50-50-15
Production capacity:500ml(B/H) 2500-3500 3500-4500 6500-7500 9000-10000 10000-12000 12000-14000 15000-17000 18000-22000
Specification 60π 50π 50π 50π 45π 45π 40π 36π
Filling precision ≤±5mm(Liquid level positioning)
Suitable bottle Round or square shaped bottle
PET Bottle Bottle Diameter:Ф50~Ф100   Bottle Height:150mm~330mm
Suitable Cap Standard Plastic Screw Cap
Rinsing water pressure(MPa) 0.2~0.25
Rinsing water consumption(Kg/h) 500 600 700 800 1500 1800 2500 3000
Air source pressure(MPa) 0.4
Air consumption
0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.55
Total Power(Kw) 2.5 3 3.3 3.8 4.2 5.6 6.4 9.8
Overall Dimensions
1950×1450×2350 2260×1600×2350 2350×1900×2350 2900×2200×2400 3300×2300×2400 4100×2850×2400 4250×3200×2400 5750×3750×2400
Total Weight(Kg) 2500 2800 3000 4000 5000 6500 8000 9000
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