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Filling machinery development trend

According to the analysis of the current filling machinery, especially beverages, beer filling machinery and food packaging machinery, with a high speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability is good wait for a characteristic, is the current development trend towards filling machinery industry.
1. The multifunctional
The same device, tea drinks, coffee drinks, can be soybean milk drinks and fruit juice and other drinks hot filling; Are for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. Speed, high production of carbonated beverage filling machine filling speed of up to 2000 cans per minute, German KHS company, SEN corp., KRONES, its filling machine filling valve, respectively, up to 165 head, 144 head, 144 head. Non carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50-100 head, filling speed of up to 1500 cans per minute.

High technical content, strong reliability
All automatic control level and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters of the metering precision. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging.
2. Complete sets of supply ability
As a beverage filling line, is controlled by microcomputer, software, filling block matching combination, realistic productivity combined with a theory of science and technology. Suppliers can provide users with engineering design, installation, debugging, the final user acceptance. Such as: jinan quick packaging machinery design is widely used simulation technology will save all kinds of machine unit in the form of database in computer, the digital drawing after input computer, and combine the actual production indexes and data, the possibility of failure, such as input computer, and then by the engineer in accordance with the actual working condition, show the production ability, the rejection rate, production matching, where production bottleneck, etc., can also be modified according to user feedback model until the user satisfaction.
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