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Features of Chenyu Filling Machinery Rotary Bottle Washing/Rinsing Machine

Chenyu water filling machine machinery rotary bottle washing/rinsing machine is suitable for glass bottles/plastic bottles, rinse with water to remove the residue or mixture in the bottle, so that the bottle to meet the requirements of hygiene. Chenyu water filling machine machinery Rotary Bottle Washing/Rinsing Machine is designed according to the basic principles of the bottle, it can be used for various models, all kinds of new and old bottles. Flushing with pure water, clean and sanitary; simple structure, easy maintenance, the use of stainless steel bucket, nice, corrosion-resistant; labor saving, high production efficiency, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Rotary Bottle Washing/Rinsing Machine
The Features of Rotary Liquid Filling Machine:
1,Filling valve adopts constant pressure mechanism valve, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. It is adopted double guide rod structure.
2,The main drive adopts gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, sufficient lubrication, grease can lubricate centralizing automatically, adopts transducer to the speed of main motor to control, the machine adopts step-less frequency conversion timing. The material for the whole platform and frame is carbon steel with stainless steel outside.
3,The machine is automatically controlled by PLC, fault on line display, like bottle block, cap shortage etc.
4,The key parts and electric elements of the machine are adopt import products.

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