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Energy Drink Filling Equipment

Energy Drink Filling Equipment

Energy Drink Filling Equipment

The energy drink filling equipment integrates washing, filling and capping. The energy drink filling machine shortens the contact time of the material with the outside world; improves the sterilization rate under high temperature environment and ensures the yield of juice. This drink filling machine has excellent design, precise manufacturing, strong functionality, simple operation and high degree of automation. It is currently the most reliable and advanced juice and tea filling machine.

The suspended bottle-clamping bottle conveying bottle structure makes it more convenient, fast and labor-saving to change bottle types. Electronic metering filling is more accurate than mechanical gravity filling. The drink filling machine uses advanced PLC programmable automatic control technology, and the key electrical components are all internationally renowned brands.

Energy Drink Filling Machine Application

Filling production of polyester bottles (PET)  juice, concentrated juice, tea beverages and energy drink.

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