Disposable Mask Machine
Disposable mask machine consists of two parts, mask making machine and automatic loading rope machine.
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Disposable, three-dimensional
Mask Machine Production Line
The disposable mask making machine produced by Chenyu Machinery adopts fully automated operation. The production speed is fast, the product size is uniform, and the position of the nose bridge is centered, which effectively guarantees the quality of the mask produced.
Automatic Kn95 Stereo Mask Machine
Automatic Kn95 Stereo Mask Machine
Disposable Mask Equipment
Disposable Mask Equipment
Disposable Face Mask
Production Line
  • Disposable
  • Thress layers
    of protection
  • Comfortable
    breathe freely
  • Isolate droplets
    and dust
Technical Parameter
Equipment specification(mm) 6450(L)*2200(W)*1970(H)
Voltage(V) 220
Weight(Kg) 1750
Productivity(pcs/min) 80-100
Frequency(Hz) 60
Mchine power(Kw/h) 17
Mask Effect Display
Main Features
  • 1

    High stability, low failure rate, beautiful and solid without rust.
  • 2

    Computer PLC control, servo drive, high degree of automation.
  • 3

    Photoelectric fiber raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
  • 4

    Precise transmission, stable control, adjustable speed, clear and firm product embossing, good welding effect.

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