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What is the development trend of Chenyu water filling machine?

The development trend of Chenyu water filling machine is continuous innovation,and constantly develop high-tech beverage machinery,and can affect the entire production line of high efficiency beverage machinery.
For now,national beverage machinery are toward high quality,high speed,high precision development,in order to adapt to the current beverage industry production,from which to obtain more economic benefits, our beverage machinery equipment has been toward the development of large-scale.For example,the maximum speed of carbonated beverage filling equipment in the steamed beverage production line can now reach 2000 cans / min.While non-carbonated beverage filling equipment can reach a maximum speed of 1500 cans / min.In addition,many of the machinery now contains a lot of set of functions,can be applied to a variety of categories of liquid solution,or a variety of bottles and bottles of filling and sealing. Such as coffee,milk,fruit juice,tea and other hot drinks of these beverages,glass bottles and PET bottles can also be filled.Finally,to meet the mechanical and electrical integration.Now a lot of beverage machinery has editable procedures,large equipment is the use of computer operation,you can check the fault,it can not solve the problem will be a direct alarm,very smart.And high yield, reliability,can affect the entire production line cost quality and efficiency.

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So for now,Chenyu’s beverage machinery is the most important high-quality,high-speed,high precision, full-featured and mechanical and electrical integration,toward a higher demand,better future development.

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