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Chemical Filling Machine
  • Piston Filler (High-Viscosity Filling)

    High-Viscosity Filling Monobloc is the fully automatic rotary volumetric filling-capping monobloc. The entire machine applies rotary structure: bottle bottom support conveying, electromagnetic flowmeter volumetric filling, pneumatic manipulator for cap chucking etc. High-Viscosity Filling Monobloc can be used for various PET bottles, HDPE bottles and glass bottles, which mainly used for daily chemical products and high viscosity liquid (<20,000 cps). Piston Filler (High-Viscosity Filling。 Main use and Sphere of application his automatic filling machine, could be applicable fix quantify filling of all kinds of seed oil, catsup, bechamel, granule drink and catsup. feed bottles by stainless steel conveyor; automatically open valve and feed caps with bottles; do not open valve . ts characteristics are rational design, compact conformation and convenience operation and maintenance. Main machine is adopted frequency speed control, it runs placidity and credibility. Material of limb contacted with the material and appearance accessory is high quality stainless steel. After exchanging several accessories, it is used different kinds of bottle’s fix quality filling. Operation of machine is controlled by advanced touch screen; it realized the communication with man and machine. Function of control system is followed: product speed control, automatic stop with fault and take count of output and so…

  • Capping Machine

    We supply defferent type of capping machines,which are applicable for various plastic caps,aluminum screw caps,ultrahigh aluminum caps,scown caps,sport caps,corks and other special caps.

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