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Water treatment system
  • Bottle Unscrambler

    It unscrambles the plastic bottles,transfer to conveyor in order with certain direction and feed them into other equipments such as washing machine,or filling machine.It decrease labour intensity and improve productivity effect,also avoid second pollution caused by hand touching the bottles for loading bottle.

  • Water Treatment Machine

    The water treatment machine use raw water (tap water, surface water, underground water) pass quartz sand filter,active carbon filter,softening filter,and then sent to reverse osmosis by high pressure pump to produce  pure water directly. Suitable for produce pure water. Normally the ultra-filtration is used to produce mineral water and spring water,driven by pressure,it is discharging impurity through differnent diameter hole on the ultra-filtration membrane.At present,the hollow-fiber type of polysulfones is widely used in water treatment industry. After the processing of water, to provide pure water filling 3 in 1 monobloc,juice,pulp,4 in 1 filling Monobloc,3 in 1 hot filling machine,carbonated beverage production line,etc.

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