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Condiment Filling Machine

Condiment Filling Machine Description:

The condiment filling machine is fully automatic filling and capping. The condiment filling machine is suitable for the filling production of various thick condiments, edible oil, soy sauce, soy sauce, olive oil, juice and other thick liquids. The condiment filling machine uses electronic metering and special fluid components to achieve low foam quantitative filling, enabling non-contact filling at various temperature conditions. The ALCOA capping technology is used for all-round foam cleaning. The output is available from 3,000 to 40,000 bottles per hour.

This condiment filling filling equipment adopts low vacuum pressure filling, which has the characteristics of fast filling speed, no filling of filling valve and accurate filling liquid level. The gland is made of ZALKIN technology, and the vacuum cover and the cover are convenient to replace. The main engine frequency control, speed can be adjusted. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the running status is clear at a glance.

The air conveyor of the condiment filling machine is directly connected to the star wheel. The star wheel has a bottle separation and bottleneck gripping device. When the size of the bottle changes, there are only a few parts that need to be replaced.

Condiment Filling Machine
The transfer of the bottle is done by means of a bottleneck. When the size of the bottle changes, there are few parts that need to be replaced.

The spray nozzle sprays the rinse water at every angle so that the bottle is completely cleaned and the cleaned water is preserved.

The condiment filling machine has a corrosion-resistant, long-life, non-lubricated design and reduces the cost of use.

The star wheel outside the bottle is spiral. When the size of the bottle changes, there is no need to adjust the height of the transfer chain. It only takes a few minutes to change some arcs and star wheels. According to different materials, the corresponding fillers can be made. In order to meet the declaration requirements, CIP circuit system can also be used for cleaning.

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