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Common faults of automatic filling machine

Common faults of automatic filling machine

Automatic filling machine failure, although said not often, but the machine always has a day of trouble, especially the elderly filling machine.

Automatic filling machine small fault can be solved in time, it is OK, if it is a big problem can not be solved for a while, it will inevitably extend the production cycle and reduce the production efficiency.

Next, the small editor of chenyu machinery explains some common faults for you. If it is a big problem, please don’t disassemble and repair it by yourself. Please ask a professional engineer to repair it.

Milk Juice Filling Production Line

Not accurate filling machine and automatic filling machine

1. If the filling is not accurate or the material is not delivered, the first thing is to check whether the filling nozzle is blocked by foreign matters. This is very simple, and clean it up. If the filling nozzle is damaged, replace it with a new one.

2. Check whether there is air in the conveying pipe of the filling machine, if some, it can be eliminated.

3. Check all sealing rings and replace them in time if they are aged or damaged.

4. Adjust the filling speed, the filling speed will affect the filling accuracy

5. The filling machine’s trough material is insufficient, add new material

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