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Coca Cola Production Line

Coca Cola Production Line

This coca cola production line is a three-in-one filling machine integrating bottle washing, filling and capping. The coca cola production line is suitable for the filling production of carbonated drinks and other gas-containing beverages in polyester bottles. The coca cola production machine is controlled by PLC system, touch screen operation, high degree of automation, and all electrical appliances are of well-known brands.

Coca Cola Production Line

Aiming at the characteristics of gas-containing beverages, the filling valve adopts an equal pressure filling valve, which has precise liquid level control and stable filling.

Coca Cola Production Machine Work Process:

1. Manually load the bottle → enter the bottle washing station by conveying
2. The bottle rinsing clip clamps the bottle mouth and flips 180 degrees
3. Turn on the water pump to rinse the bottle
4. Turn 180 degrees and drain

Coca Cola Production Line
5. Enter the coca cola filling machine by conveying
6. Positioned on the card screen neck in the form of hanging bottle mouth
7. Lift the bottle and press and fit the filling → after filling, the capping machine is used for capping
8. Transported by the touch screen star wheel to the bottle conveyor belt.


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