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Champagne Bottling Machine Equipment

Champagne Bottling Machine Description:

The champagne bottling machine is mainly used for glass bottled carbonated beverage production line, such as champagne and sparkling wine.
After the filled glass bottle with champagne has been corked by wooden cork, the high pressure in the glass bottle maybe extrude the wooden cork out. So we need to lock the cork with wire cap. And then give the bottleneck a nice aluminum film.

Champagne Bottling Machine Equipment

Champagne Bottling Equipment Features:

1. The champagne bottling machine adopts an outward-lifting direct-flow valve, no wine overflow during filling; no wine dripping after filling, and good visibility of the filling liquid, which overcomes the filling problem of invisible bottle type.

Champagne Bottling Machine Equipment

2. The champagne bottling machine can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 100~750ml.

3. This champagne bottling equipment is suitable for a wide range of bottle types: it can satisfy the filling of bottles with a height of 160-320 mm.

4. Rolling elastic bottle holding device is adopted, the bottle holding is soft, the guide rail wears less, and the service life is long.

Champagne Bottling Machine Equipment

5. The operation is stable, the transmission parts are placed in the champagne bottling equipment, the structure is compact, and the noise is low.

Champagne Bottling Machine Video:

More complete champagne bottling line HD video from YouTube

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