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Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine Description:

The cartoning machine is a kind of equipment for semi-automatic or automatic loading of unpackaged products or small-package products into transport packaging. The working principle is to load the products into the box in a certain arrangement and quantitatively (corrugated boxes, plastic boxes). , tray), and close or seal the opening of the box. According to the requirements of the cartoning machine, it should have the function of carton forming (or opening the carton), metering and packing, and some are also equipped with sealing or strapping function.

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine Features:

1. Adopt servo control system, cooperate with international advanced streamlined motion track design, no shaking during packing movement to ensure accurate positioning.

2. According to the customer’s packing arrangement requirements, the equipment automatically arranges the products to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

3. Before the packing, the equipment automatically opens and positions the upper mouth of the carton to ensure the smooth operation of the carton, and there is no worry about the card box.

4. A wide range of applications, can meet a variety of product packaging.

5. Control mode: PLC + touch screen + standard control button + signal switch, sub-automatic / manual control mode, flexible operation.

6. You can find the fault point through the touch screen, troubleshooting is easy and simple.

7. The cartoning machine is suitable for beverages, beer, liquor, oil, daily chemicals, medicine, bottled food and other industries.

8. The cartoning machine can be customized according to user requirements non-standard products.

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