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Carbonated Drinks Production Line

Carbonated Drinks Production Line Description:

The carbonated drinks production line is a kind of professional filling machine integrator for beverage. Carbonated drinks filling machine is multifunctional which can be used for washing, filling and capping.

Carbonated Drinks Production Line

Water Filling Production Line Primary Features:

1. Carbonated drinks production line has lots of features such as compact conformation, good shape, cozy operation, excellent automatic and poor labor intensity.

2. Carbonated drinks filling machine adopts air conveyor bottle-feeding technology instead of the feeding screw and conveyor chain. Easily change the bottle change over parts.

Carbonated Drinks Production Line

3. Carbonated drinks filling machine adopts the blocking bottleneck technology to convey bottles. Carbonated drinks filling machine does not adjust the height of equipment when the type of bottle is exchanged. According to the diameter of bottles, you could exchange corresponding nylon elements such as arc slipper guide, thumb wheel etc.

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