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Carbonated Drinks Filling Equipment

Carbonated Drinks Filling Equipment

The carbonated drinks filling equipment is suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as carbonated drinks, soda water, sparkling water, etc.

Carbonated Drinks Filling Equipment

The production process of the carbonated drinks filling machine:

1. Bottle-rinsing water:

Bottle-rinsing water is the water processed by the purified water treatment system and sent to the bottle-washing machine for bottle-rinsing.

2. Disinfection and sorting of bottle caps:

The bottle caps that meet the technical requirements are manually poured into the automatic bottle cap disinfection cabinet; after a certain period of time disinfection with ozone, they are manually sent to the cap sorting device; the cover sorting device will sort the messy lid After the caps are arranged in the same direction, the caps are sent to the capping machine for capping.

3. Product filling and capping:

The material is filled into the cleaned PET bottle through the filling system, and then the cap is sealed by the capping machine to become a semi-finished product.

4. Post-packaging of the product:

The semi-finished product after filling becomes the finished product after labeling, label shrinking, coding, and film packaging, and it is stored in the warehouseafter manual coding.

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