Carbonated Beverage
Filling Production Line
Chenyu Machinery offers total solutions of carbonated beverage for you,
Fill a variety of bottle types, including PET bottle, glass bottle, can etc
Used in filling carbonated beverage, soft drinks, soda, sparkling water, CSD drinks etc
Complete carbonated beverage production line produced by Chenyu Machinery includes: water treatment equipment, CO2 mixer machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, labeling machine, film packaging machine, carton packing machine, palletizer etc.
CO2 beverage mixer blends water, syrup and CO2 together. CO2 mixer adopts vacuum deoxidation system. The CO2 beverage mixer precision is high and the CO2 is fully mixed. The CO2 mixer proportion between water and syrup is seriously controlled by micro metering device.
CO2 Beverage Mixer
The full automatic blowing machine is suitable for blowing various plastic containers and beverage bottles made of PET. Full automatic blowing machine is used in blowing various juice beverage bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water, pure water bottles, condiment bottles, oil bottles etc.
Full Automatic Blowing Machine
Chenyu Machinery has developed a variety of carbonated beverage filling machine for the domestic market, provides small and medium-sized beverage factories with pre-sales and after-sales service. The carbonated drinks filling machine combines washing, filling and capping as one automatic body. Accurate CO2 pressure control and stable liquid level control. There are a number of card alarm bottles, lack of bottles, lack of cover, overload and other protection alarm devices to ensure the quality of the products.
Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine
The automatic labeling machine developed and manufactured by Chenyu Machinery are divided into self-adhesive labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine. The labeling equipment is suitable for various bottle type juice filling, tea beverage filling, dairy filling, pure water filling, condiment filling, beer filling, sports beverage filling and other food and beverage industries.
Labeling Machine
1. CO2 Laser
CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser. It produces a wavelength of 10.6μm, which belongs to the middle infrared band. The CO2 laser has a relatively large power and a relatively high efficiency of electro-optic conversion.

2. Code Printer
Code printer can print 1-4 lines, and the character size could be adjusted. Printing speed 100m/min., bar code printing 30m/min.
Bottle Code Printer
The automatic bottle packaging machine is developed especially for mineral water, beverage, wine, beer, product and so on infusion medicine bottle combination packaging, with stable function, and the packed articles tight and orderly.
Packing Machine
Carbonated Beverage Filling Production Line Video
  • 14000-15000B/H Carbonated Drinks Filling Production Line Video
  • Glass Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line Video
  • Cans Beverage Filling Equipment Video

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