Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine and Line
Our carbonated beverage filling machine can fill carbonated
beverage, soft drinks, soda etc.
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PET Bottle, Glass Bottle, Cans
Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine and Line
The carbonated beverage filling machine of Chenyu Machinery is suitable for the filling of PET bottles, glass bottles, cans with various capacities, such as carbonated beverage, steamed beverage, soft drinks, soda etc .
The carbonated beverage filler adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping. It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control, so that the liquid level is always stable. The carbonated beverage filling equipment obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high grade of automation and easy operation, etc.
The carbonated beverage filling line of Chenyu Machinery provides small and medium-sized beverage factories with pre-sales and after-sales service of complete beverage filling production lines, with preferential prices and free design consultation.

Glass Bottle Beverage Filling Production Line

The bottle carbonated beverage filling production line is an advanced level of isostatic filling machine equipment based on the requirements of China’s beverage filling process, introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology.

Glass Bottle Beverage Filling Production Line
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  • Glass Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line
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Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Details
Carbonated beverage filling machine

Washing heads

Washing part is mainly composed of washing pump, bottle clamps, water distributor, up turn-plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device, defrosting tray, rinse water take and rinse water refluxing tank.

Filling heads

Filling Part is mainly composed of filling barrel, filling valves (normal temperature and normal pressure filling), filling pump, bottle hanging device / bottle pedestals, elevating device, liquid indicator, pressure gauge, vacuum pump, etc

Carbonated beverage filling machine
Carbonated beverage filling machine

Capping heads

Capping part is mainly composed of capping heads, cap loader (separated), cap unscrambler, cap drop rail, pressure regular, cylinder and also we need an air compressor as the auxiliary external equipment.

The Product line of Carbonated Beverage
Carbonated beverage filling machine
Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Auxiliary machinery
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