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can beer filling line.
Can Filling Machine
Filling Equipment / Production Line
Can Filling Machine
The cans filling production line is mainly used for the washing, filling and capping of tinplate, aluminum alloy, PET plastic and other cans. The cans filling machine has the functions of automatic lifting, automatic turning over, automatic washing, filling and capping of empty cans in stacks. The can filler machine is used in carbonated drinks, juice drinks, beer, etc.
1. When can from in the center the star round enters a can-base of board, the filling valve taking the valve coat, the valve core is together up move, at this time 0 type roll 1 take off with the valve seat to open, enter the filling district.
2.The material continue downflow, until the bottle filling up ,when the rolls round to carry on the cam, the filling valve to move up,0 type circle 1compress tightly the valve body, make the material no longer enter the valve tube of the valve core.
Can Filling Machine
1. The cap screwing machine is composed of frame, slide way, cap screwing device, transmission and others.
2. The transmission of the cap screwing machine is drive to the gear by the reduce, the power is transferred to the cap screwing head through the hollow main axle.
3. The can is not rotating, the four small rolls will rotate and press cap. The cam is fixed. The cap is sent into the gear ring of the screwing cap head through the stirring device and slide way. When there is a can on the convey belt, a cap will move down with the rotating of the screwing cap head and screw the cap on the can mouth.
Can Filling Machine
Can Filling Machine
Bottle typ: Can
Filling Heads: 12
Capping Heads: 1
Production capacity: 1000-2000 b/h
Dimensions: 1750mm×1140mm×1950mm
Suitable: beer, carbonated drinks, soda etc.
Whole Line Solution of Can Filling Production Line
Whole Line Solution of Can Filling Production Line
Can Filling Machine Auxiliary Machinery

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