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Bottled Water Filling Machine Works

Bottled Water Filling Machine Works

When bottled water filling machine comes to bottled water, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. I believe many people will choose it as drinking water. Of course, bottled water manufacturers are also indispensable for bottled water filling equipment. What is the working principle of bottled water filling machine?

Bottled Water Filling Machine

1. Washing bottle:

After washing the bottle through five stations, the first station is disinfected with chlorine dioxide, and the flushing time is adjustable. The first station time is 12S, the second station is 12S, and the third station is 12S, the fourth station for pure water cleaning, the time can be adjusted according to different needs, the fifth station is to clean the residual moisture in the barrel to dry net.

2. Filling bottle:

The clean barrel is conveyed by the chain conveying mechanism and falls on the supporting barrel mechanism. The supporting barrel mechanism will straighten the empty bucket, the water filling machine filling valve is pressed positively, and the filling is started. The filling time can be based on the filling pump. The flow is adjusted.

3. Capping bottle

When the filling is completed, the delivery mechanism sends the bucket filled with water to the cover of the cover machine. When the covered bucket is transferred to the cover mechanism, the cover cylinder presses the bottle cover. At this point, a washing is performed. The cycle is complete.

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