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Bottled Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Bottled Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Bottled carbonated beverage production line is mainly composed of beverage mixer, bottle blowing system, filling system and packaging system. The carbonated beverage filling machine is suitable for cola, sprite, carbonated drinks, etc. This carbonated beverage filling line is equipped with precise CO2 pressure control and stable liquid level control; it is equipped with multiple protection alarm devices such as bottle jam, bottle shortage, cover shortage, overload, etc.

Bottled Carbonated Beverage Production Line

The carbonated beverage filling production line adopts the structure of hanging type bottle mouth conveyor; which makes the whole line conveying bottles more reliable.

Different bottle types only need to adjust the height of the conveyor belt and a small amount of change accessories, changing the bottle type more quickly and labor-saving.

With spring-loaded flushing tongs, the empty bottle can be automatically turned 180° with the track to flush the inside of the bottle with high flushing efficiency.

After replacing a small number of parts, it can be adapted to various filling methods.

Bottled Carbonated Beverage Production Line

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