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Beverage machinery development

Filling, sealing equipment: the use of advanced technology, development of serial products and ancillary equipment, improve work speed, adaptability, compatibility and reliability issues. At the same time for the development of double film machine single film and composite film.
, Canned complete sets of equipment: focus on the development of annual output of 100,000 tons of large beer, beverage machinery, beverage cans complete sets of equipment, including packaging, unloading boxes, sterilization, labeling, in situ cleaning and other functions.
Beverage packaging equipment: In addition to plastic film packaging equipment, the development of folding paper packaging equipment. Vigorously develop and package equipment to support a variety of auxiliary equipment, the expansion of the host function of the surface applications.
The number of filling equipment: the development of various forms of weighing filling equipment, focusing on improving the speed and accuracy, stability and reliability, and automatic packaging equipment.
Bundled packaging equipment: focus on the development of various forms, and promote the improvement of fruits and vegetables, packaging materials, industrial automation. Focusing on the development of desktop and large plastic strapping equipment, small-band strapping equipment and strapping steel and other heavy automatic continuous binding machine.
Beverage machineryAseptic packaging equipment: shorten the gap with the international advanced level, improve speed and improve performance. The development of large bags of aseptic packaging equipment and cups aseptic packaging equipment, the development of semi-liquid sterile packaging equipment, aseptic packaging equipment product line.
Air, ventilation Packaging equipment: the development of larger capacity bags for continuous or semi-continuous vacuum packaging equipment, the development of gas can be filled in proportion to high-speed bagging ventilation equipment.
Corrugated board (box) production equipment: the development of more than 2 meters high-speed complete sets of equipment. Expand the depth and breadth of the application of computer technology, focusing on the reliability of the entire set of equipment in the light.

Beverage machinery

Canned equipment: the development of composite cans, special tanks and spray cans and other series of canned complete sets of equipment and canned. Development of mercury-free welding and environmental protection, the development of a variety of small packaging paper bag production equipment, paper-based packaging equipment for the container to meet environmental requirements

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