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Beverage industry innovation breakthrough unceasingly

In health care drink beverage exhibition area, maca, hericium, and “blue.” (blueberries and medlar) the three types of grab an eye most health drink. Maca is a kind of a plant native to South America in the mountains of Peru, in May 2011, the ministry of health approval maca powder after new resources, all kinds of maca related health food have sprung up in succession.

Than the maca this exotic upstarts, promotion of hericium and established domestic manufacturers are more preference “blue.” health drinks. According to some drinks, food company secretary wide spring is introduced, beverage industry the monkey mushroom wind began last year. When the river on the group took the lead in the industry launched hericium “blue.” drink, and achieved good sales performance. In the river on the leads, the domestic large and small

Actually every health drink more jockeying today or a concept of marketing. For this kind of phenomenon, a sales of hericium and blue citrate acid rice porridge is a smile said: “we’re selling rice porridge, not new material. Although we can use these new health food to attract the attention of the customer, but the key is to let the taste of the new material can match. With the flavor of the rice pudding was not charging ‘broken thoroughly explode at random.”

Beverage marketing concept not wrong but they still need to improve the innovation ability

The words are words embody beverage manufacturers, health care food is just marketing point, does not represent the entire product, what the production or production. In the “the current situation of beverage industry development break the strategic thinking of” the speech “as an ageing population structure, unreasonable and diet structure, more and more people are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, such as” rich “, so people pay more and more attention to food safety and health problems. Consumers are no longer just to quench thirst and drink beverages, more and more people believe that drink too sweet, and preservatives, low technical content, drink is not good for the body, so don’t want to consumption.” Therefore, beverage manufacturers with the aid of consumers willing to spend “health card ?

Beverage machinery
But lead to this phenomenon occurs, the enterprise itself also can’t escape. “We drink enterprises over the years in product innovation is not well. Wahaha development to today, an important reason is to continue to innovate, startup power is weak, we just behind others to follow up the innovation, on the basis of others to improve a little bit about the; a little strength will make the introduction of innovation, introducing foreign technology and products for the localization of reform to open the domestic market, become leading enterprises must be independent innovation, and to be a leading industry, leading the consumer benchmarking.”
Most beverage companies over the years, in fact, researchers mostly stay in the lab, so out of product can’t meet the needs of the consumers, so consumers are not buying, it is difficult to open markets. In the future, still need to improve the innovation consciousness. Take the aforementioned health drink, maca, hericium, blue citric acid beverage such as listing, want to come out and to practice innovation first, and then follow the classified as imitation, innovation often determines the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises.

China’s beverage industry needs innovation beverage machinery don’t lag behind
Beverage machinery as beverage manufacturers to produce the necessary equipment, not only in the service of beverage manufacturers production demand, also determines whether their production concept to practice. , for example, I want to produce some kind of drink, I have such idea, market survey and feasible, and finally the rest production, it is found that the production equipment unable to realize this idea, that is pity. Therefore, the beverage machinery production play a crucial influence to the manufacturer.
It is understood that in the majority with small and medium-sized beverage equipment enterprises in China, large, internationally competitive beverage machinery manufacturer is not a lot, domestic industry level compared with the developed countries there is a certain gap. If the introduction of advanced equipment from abroad, and the price is for production, and there is no point learning domestic beverage machinery and technology improving, so for a long time, this kind of technology monopoly is not favorable to the development of beverage industry.
Drink as a fast-moving consumer goods have market in our country, if relevant production equipment constantly innovation, the core technology breakthrough, form the advantages of domestic beverage machinery industry, is bound to bring China’s beverage market, beverage equipment industry.

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