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Beverage Filling Machinery

Beverage Filling Machinery

The beverage filling machinery is suitable for PTE bottled juice beverages and carbonated beverages, and realizes washing, filling and capping on one machine. This beverage filling machinery has reasonable design, convenient maintenance, hanging clamp bottle mouth, convenient bottle change, fast and labor-saving. The beverage filling machine adopts advanced PLC programmable automatic control, no bottle no cap feeding system, automatic stop system for jammed bottles. The beverage filling machine has low noise during operation, and the key electrical components adopt international famous brands.

Beverage Filling Machinery

Beverage Filling Machine Features

1. All parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface is polished and easy to clean. The sealing material is rubber or EPDM material

2. The beverage production line adopts programmable controller as the central control, using pressure transmitter; electromagnetism and pneumatic to measure the liquid level, maintain the balance of filling pressure to ensure the stability of the liquid level.

Beverage Filling Machinery

3. A new filling valve designed for plastic bottles. The return air is isolated from the liquid in the filling tank to ensure the cleanliness of the filling material

4. Beverage filling production line adopts advanced magnetic clutch type screw cap head with adjustable torque. The screw cap is safe and reliable.

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